Our Focus at MeetingPlace

MeetingPlace was organized in 2014 by a group of people who are trying to take seriously and live out the ethics of Jesus Christ.  Our Pastor, Russ Hewett calls the Sermon on the Mount "the 800 pound gorilla in the room".  By this he means that Jesus' radical ethic of enemy love, turning the other cheek, and living peacefully in a world that is anything but peaceful is actually what Jesus calls his followers to, yet it is probably the most ignored of Jesus' teachings.

We are "creedal", meaning that we hold to the Apostle's and the Nicene Creeds.  This makes us orthodox in the historical sense.  Confessing the creeds gives us a firm foundation from which to live our lives.  It also gives us the freedom to hold various views on less important matters and remain in fellowship.


We approach Scripture as the story of God's involvement with humanity through the Jewish people.  It is a tumultuous story with many ups-and-downs, fits-and-starts, culminating in the incarnation of Jesus Christ who finally reveals to humanity what God is really like.  The Apostle Paul calls Jesus "the image of the invisible God".  John's Gospel calls Jesus "the Word made flesh".  Jesus said, "if you've seen me you've seen the Father".  In other words, we hold Jesus Christ to be the infallible, authoritative, inspired Word of God.  Scripture then, is the inspired witness to Jesus, that when read properly should lead us to become more and more like Jesus.  Sadly, the Scriptures, when read incorrectly have led many to become very un-Christlike.

Acceptance and Inclusion

We don't have a long "statement of faith" that you have to adhere to.  In fact, we think there has been entirely too much exclusion practiced by the church.  When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that he was radically inclusive, that non-religious people loved to be with him, and that he loved spending time with people that the religious establishment had excluded.  When religious leaders presented Jesus with either/or choices meant to exclude people, Jesus often found a third way which accepted and included them.  We seek to follow the example of Jesus in this.  This means that we will sometimes "agree to disagree".  This is not an indication of weakness, but a measure of maturity.  Jesus calls us to a unity of the Spirit, not a unity of doctrine.  We seek to practice a Third Way of acceptance and inclusion toward our LGBT brothers and sisters as well. More on this here

What To Expect

Our church is located at 2844 Broadway in Glenburn, Maine.  We usually sing a few songs, take communion (The Eucharist) together, pray and then have a time of teaching and conversation.  We see real value in doing church in community - inviting the input of all those present rather than simply having a professional preacher do all the talking.  Check our our discussion guidelines to see how we do this.  We have children's ministry for ages 3-8.

You don't have to be a Christian to come, and all are welcome...really. 

[Header Photo: Matt HoffmanCC 4.0 via #YouRadiate]