The Widow & the Tanner

Many healing evangelists today fly in private jets and stay in 5-star hotels.  In Acts 9, Peter, after healing a paralyzed man and raising a widow from the dead chooses to stay in the home of a tanner.  Tanners lived on the outskirts of town because the smell of rotting flesh, urine and brines made of animal dung and brains caused the air to be heavy with a putrid odor.  Yet, this is where Peter chose to stay.  What can we learn from this, and what was this preparing Peter for?

Converted By Resurrection

We explore the conversion of Saul and the restoration of Peter; two post-resurrection encounters with Jesus that rocked their worlds and have continued to rock the world ever since.  Neither encounter is what most church people would even consider "conversion" today.  These conversions were not "born-again" experiences.  They were conversions away from sacred violence - the idea that God endorses and blesses the use of violence in order to bring about some kind of holiness or righteousness.  This may be where Jesus contrasts most sharply with some Old Testament texts.