Freedom From Condemnation

In Part 4 of the Freedom From series we discuss freedom from condemnation.  Many Christians live in a constant state of condemnation.  Some feel that God is condemning them, others condemn themselves, and others feel condemnation from others.  We discuss the difference between condemnation and conviction and present a path to liberation from oppressive condemnation.  We include our discussion in this podcast.  Some great points were made!

Freedom From Controlling Others

Freedom From Series P2.jpg

Are you a controller? I know, you only are trying to help others to be better people, right? You're not really controlling when you just make a helpful suggestion, right? Part 2 of the Freedom From Series is "Freedom From Controlling Others". 
The impulse to steer and control others is based in judgment, and judgment is the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Oh oh...

Freedom From Series Intro

Everybody struggles with their emotions from time to time.  Often we just think, "that's just how I am". But often our negative emotions get in the way of our relationships.  In this series, we explore how emotions, both positive and negative, reveal something about the way we think.  And becoming aware of your thoughts, both true and untrue thoughts can lead to great freedom.  In this introduction we lay the groundwork for what will follow.