The Utmost Importance of Father's and Families

Jan 22, 2023    Jesus M. Ruiz

Christians are pilgrims and sojourners passing through a world that is at war with itself and that is at war with all those that are just passing through. There is a moral, spiritual wickedness and sickness in our society found in the hearts of men.

The world is actively working toward the dissolution of families as we once knew them, redefining them, and destroying common fellowship with one another with neighbors.

Why? Because families are the foundational building block of all human societies. As families go, so does the nation. 

On a spiritual level, it works the same. As individuals and families grow up and mature in the Lord, so does the body of Christ. The enemy knows that the stronger God’s children are in families, the stronger they will be in Him.

Jesus is using all these fights/battles/wars to find out who will stand with Him. It’s part of His remnant refining process. 

There are battles in differing levels and corners of society that need to be fought, but our nation needs a fresh wind of grace – the Spirit of the Lord (the spirit of repentance).

We must fight the spiritual battle because it needs to be fought and we are the only ones that can. It is through prayer and our consecration to the Lord with our lives that we fight these unseen spiritual forces.

We combat the curse in our land with the spirit of Elijah that restores the heart of the children to their heavenly Father. 

If men are going to have a Godly impact on the world, we must first have our own house in order. We must be individually reconciled / restored to our heavenly Father, ministering the love of Christ to our wives, and ministering the Father’s love to our children. Men need to take full responsibility for ourselves, our families including our wives and our children. The only way to adequately do that is to consecrate ourselves to the Lord: His Word, His Will, His Works, and His Ways. We need to fear Him more than any man.

So we dedicate and consecrate ourselves as men of God, mighty men of valor, to be leaders under the covering of His direct leadership. Men who seek out a deeper and more intimate walk with our heavenly Father to grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s word as we learn to hear His voice and obey. Men who will stand, never compromising or bending the knee to the spirit of this age.